28 May 2010

PANIC - Requiem For Martin Heidegger

Just uploaded this video for 'Requiem For Martin Heidegger' from the dutch punk band Panic. PANIC was formed in 1977 as a follow up to the short lived band “Big Peter and the Terrible Garage”. Members were: Peter Penthouse (lead vocals), Mike DeCourt (guitar, vocals), Pete Passion (bass, vocals) and Rheinhart Roffel (drums).

19 May 2010

The Rousers- Susans Day

torso records 1980


This is the last of four singles by the Dutch punk/new wave group the Rousers. Both tunes on this single are great examples of the bands self penned New Beat sound which mixed alot of songwriting moves from British pop of the 1960's with a more new wave sensibility and style. The A side of the single doesn't appear on the second LP and the flip Touched (the title track of the second full length) is arguably the best song on the otherwise spotty LP. The band would split up Shortly after the release of Touched due to poor sales. Guitar player Wieb Zigtema and bassist Rob Marienus would go on to form The Thought while Singer Cock De Jong and his brother Theo formed the Shavers.

11 May 2010

VIPERS - I Got You b/w No Such Thing

Mulligan Records, LUNS 718. 1978.

A. I Got You

B. No Such Thing

Full bio available at IrishRock.org

07 May 2010

MODEL MANIA No Pride Slow Suicide b/w Epic Cowboy

Boob records -1979


Formed by three brothers Jim, Andy and Rob Saunders in 1975, Model Mania were one of the first punk bands to form in the Birmingham area. Shortly after forming the brothers recruited Martin 'Boco' Beech on bass and in 1977 recorded their first Demo ( NO PRIDE SHIT and GLASS). Model Mania played alot of the now famous punk clubs like the Roxy and the Vortex but set up a residency at local punker destination Barbarella's and took on the clubs main D.J. Wayne Myers as their manager.
The single was recorded in 1979 on the bands own Boob label in an edition of 1,000 copies. Supposedly the labels weren't printed when the vinyl arrived and the group hand stamped 250 copies of the single before the other 750 could have the actual labels pasted on.