24 December 2010

DON KRISS - "It's Christmas" b/w "Jingle Bell Rock"

A. It's Christmas

B. Jingle Bell Rock


(Thanks to Collin for this post)

11 December 2010

Acme - "Johnny Can't Play" "Bad News"

Acme were a 4 piece punk band from East Belfast consisting of Stuart Bailie, Ian Hanna, Alan Giddings and Barry Young. (Barry is the little brother of Rudi's Brian Young). The band existed from '78-82 and unfortunately never committed anything to vinyl so these demo tracks are a nice treat. "Johnny Can't Play" and "Bad News" are Clash-influenced punk songs that were mining similar sounds as other Belfast punks Protex. Two other tracks exist titled "Beer Hall" and "Jealousy" and they're just as good!

Johnny Can't Play

Bad News

Staurt Bailie is still involved with music and has a radio show on BBC focused on Ulter music (http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/stuartbailie). He also runs a music center called Oh Yea Belfast (www.ohyeahbelfast.com) Check it out.

09 December 2010

THE MINORS Waves Have Hit b/w Stupid Love Song

Collin You've done it again!

Waves Have Hit

Stupid Love Song

Miller Records, 45, 1981

There is something so objectively wrong (head) yet so aesthetically and irresistibly right (loins) about songs which forecast impending paradigm realignments that, for whatever reasons, never come to pass. Glitter, disco, punk rock and bubblegum all have their anthems that said they’d never die. Now the NEW WAVE finally has one that really spells it out too (not literally, but lyrically). Like Cortland, New York’s Wreck ‘N’ Crew or Hollywood, California’s Rodney Bingenheimer, Green Bay, Wisconsin’s The Minors obviously wanted some more more more of that NEW WAVE music. While I am uncertain if the Minors were riding on the crest of a wave, old or otherwise (Lake Michigan water temperatures would suggest not), one thing I am sure of is that a few of these guys also played with the great and doomed and now DEAD, Bret Starr, in The Tyrants the same year as this, their lone single. The police-siren guitar-sound on the A-side may lead some to conclude that the Minors were punks, but don’t go getting ideas. The Minors are straight Killed By Wave 4 LIFE, homey. Just check that chorus:

The waves have hit

No, we’re not dumb

What’s noise to others

Is music to some

‘Music to some;‘ great tunes and humble too! And who, I ask, among you can argue with that (Rev. Norb does not count)?

05 December 2010

Nightrider - Digital Techniques EP

Wessex Records, WEX272. 1979.

A. Gruesome Girls

B1. Stay Clean

B2. Happy Day

" Nightrider, were a Punk/Powerpop combo from Bagnor/Littlehampton, describing themselves as "a digital rock band" (can any body explain what the hell they meant?). The combo began operating early in 1978 with a line-up comprising Kim Robey (gtr), Kev Robey (d), Graham Rowley (gtr), Paul Secombe (v) and Alan Webb (b). Their one and only vinyl venture, an EP produced by Roger Kennedy and entitled DIGITAL TECHNIQUES, emerged on the Wessex label in December 1979, in an edition of 500 copies. Although the (extremely limited) picture sleeve features band members looking pretty awful - two exhibit dreadful hippie moustaches - their music offers three tracks of superior quality, keeping their roots firmly in '77 Punk Rock but with a peculiar melodic talent. A recommended platter. Copies of the EP also exist bearing a large sticker that reads "All That's Fiction", the (unlikely) name adopted by the group in late 1980."
(45 Revolutions)

DEAF AIDS - Heroes? b/w Bored Christine

Conspiracy Records, CONS 1. 1980.

A. Heroes

B. Bored Christine

Here's Deaf Aids 2nd single from 1980. Their first single - the one we reissued - is superior to this effort but there's still some nice moments to be heard. The title track is slightly new-wavey but still has some great Gamwells lyrics ("You wanna be a Jagger? You gotta learn to suck!"). The B-side is more powerpop-rock and will please fans of the first single.