25 July 2009

D-DAY - Too Young To Date

Moment Productions, 1979.

1. Too Young to Date

2. Every Time I Ask You Out

D-day is very good female fronted Powerpop (think De Cylinders, Shivvers). "Too Young To Date" was a hit and can be found on the 80's compilation CD "New Wave Hits of the 80's Vol 1" and it even reached #1 on KROQ in Los Angeles. There was some controversy over the "pop my cherry" lyrics as some irate mothers complained to the FCC and the record was banned in California. After a DJ was suspended for playing the record, the 3rd verse was re-recorded to replace "pop my cherry". The altered version was played on the radio but not released to the public.

20 July 2009

FRONT PAGE Kick Them b/w Monster


Recorded in 1979 this is the first single from Norways Front Page. The single was privately pressed on the New Noise label in an edition of 500 copies. The band consisted of
Kalle Storm Anderson- Guitar
Steinar Karlsen- Guitar
Morten Milde- Vocals
Chris Nielsen- Drums
Ulf Ritcher Svendsen- Bass
Production credit goes to Claes Neeb who managed to get a crisp, loud sound despite the fact that the record was pressed on really thin, cheap vinyl. Front page also released two LP's, "qualified" in 1980 and "Special Edition" in 1982. 

15 July 2009

JOHNNY DARKE - I'm not a believer b/w what she knows

Thanks to Collin for submitting this great post.


Not much to add about this mystery single, save Darke's true surname (Mellor) and the fact that both sides are great; recalling - to these ears - the Records with a much needed shot of personality or perhaps a much more chart consigned Wreckless Eric. The presence of two members of Mud on the production end of things ought not be downplayed either. The best 30p I ever spent.

13 July 2009

PAUL WEST - Wheres Julie? b/w Lip Gloss Factor


The Tearjerkers recorded this 45 at DTR in June of 1980 after a line up change that included Greg Lindsay from Etc Etc on Drums. Because of a falling out with Phonogram records the record wasn't released until 1982 on Howard Ingrams Blue Rhythm Records. The A side is credited to Paul West and His Mood while the punkier flip is attributed to the Paul West Rhythm Squadron.

08 July 2009

The MODERN MINDS - Theresa's World

Theresa's World
Bungalow Rock
It's Gone

 From Alberta Canada, the Modern Minds consisted of 
Moe Berg- Vocals, Guitar
Bobby Drysdale- Bass 
Kim Upright- drums
This record, released in 1980 on the bands managers Bumstead label was the first of several groups for Singer Moe Berg. He most famously ended up in the Pursuit of Happiness while the bass player Bobby Drysdale went on to play in the Rock n Roll Bitches. The single comes housed in a great oversized picture sleeve, the Pointed Sticks and the Rock n Roll Bitches are both thanked on the back. Record Shop Base put out an amazing CD a few years ago compiling the single tracks and tons of really great unreleased material. Get it Here.