29 August 2009

CHRYS ALICE - Qu'est C'que J'deviens Dans Tout Ca

1979. Triangle Records.

1. Qu'est C'que J'deviens Dans Tout Ca

2. J'crois Qu'il Est Fou

Amazing french unknown! A-side is killer female-fronted punk in the vein of Elton Motello (b-side is completely different and doesn't do much for me but I've included it anyways). BRAIN LAPSE just reviewed this gem - along with several other French rarities - much more elegantly than this so be sure to pick up a copy. Their copy seems to be on a different label (Carissima) so there's some more confusion to add to the few facts we have on Chrys Alice.

DISTRACTIONS - You're Not Going Out Like That 12" EP

1978. TJM Records, TJM 2.

1. Doesn't Bother Me

2. Nothing

3. Maybe It's Love

4. Too Young

(From Wikipedia...) The band was originally formed in 1975 by college friends Mike Finney (vocals) and Steve Perrin (guitar). The band changed tack with the advent of punk in 1977 and Finney and Perrin recruited a new line-up of Pip Nicholls (bass), Adrian Wright (guitar), and Alec Sidebottom (drums, formerly of The Purple Gang), now mixing punk rock with sixties influences. They shared bills with the likes of Buzzcocks, Magazine and Joy Division, and their debut EP, You're Not Going Out Dressed Like That, released in 1979, led to a deal with Factory Records, who released the follow-up, "Time Goes By So Slow". In a 1979 newsletter, Tony Wilson described the band: "Reminds the management of AustinTexas 66, but take your choice". The band had already signed a deal with Island Records in September 1979, before the Factory single was released, according to Wilson "due to irresistable desire to play the game". An album and a few more singles followed, but the band failed to break into the top 40 despite favourable reviews. Shortly after the album's release Perrin quit the band to be replaced by former Ludus guitarist, Arthur Kadmon. The group disbanded in 1981. Finney went on to work with the Secret Seven and the Art of Noise. Kadmon played briefly with The Fall. Sidebottom leads the Republic of Swing samba band.

23 August 2009



From Reditch, the deadly Toys were
Phil Knight- Vocals/Guitar
John Hunt- Vocals/Guitar
David Bootle- Bass
Paul Gardner- Drums
This four song EP, recorded at London's Gooseberry Sound Studio and produced by sound engineer Paul Bonnaud was issued in an edition of 500 copies originally housed in a silk screened sleeve and released in 1979 on the Bonnaud/Hunt Productions Label. (The record has several sleeve variations, the one shown above is one of the later versions) Also, The song titles listed above are how they appear on the first edition of the sleeve. The records labels list the songs titles as Nice Weather, Dooms Day, Mr. Logic and Don't Mess Around. All four songs are great under produced powerpop/wave that feature interesting vocal harmonies and stylistic diversity from track to track with a definite nod to pop songwriting conventions of the 1960's..In the second half of 79 the Deadly Toys recruited guitarist Ian Giles of the Close Rivals but split up soon after.

19 August 2009


Three new Sing Sing re-issues go on sale today!
Blaze X, Tinopeners, and De Cylinders
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18 August 2009

SODS - Television Sect b/w Military Madness

1. Television Sect

2. Military Madness

Medley Records, 1978.

Sods were a punk band from Copenhagen, Denmark formed in 1977. Here's their debut 7" from 1978. They went on to release a self-titled LP before changing their name to Sort Sol (translated to English as black sun). A change in sound also followed and they became more new wave and post-punk inspired.

11 August 2009

EAST COAST ANGELS Punk Rockin' b/w To-nite's the Nite


Released in 1977 The East Coast Angels one and only single, pressed in a quantity of 500 copies on the Ruby label was sold mostly at shows and sent out as promos. The bands most notable achievement was placing as finalists in the Limerick Civic Week Pop '78 competition which was ultimately won by U2.
Band members were:
Jimmy Gaynor- Guitar and Vocals
Ben Hannigan- Guitar
Dave Flanagan- Bass
Henry Winter- Drums.
The East Coast Angels were the first of several bands for Jimmy Gaynor. Gaynor and Ben Hannigan later went on to form the Romantiks, a pub rock cover band that released one single in 1978 on the G.I. label. Gaynor also played in the shy with Dave Flanagan in the early 80's and later fronted his own 'Jimmy Gaynor Band'.

06 August 2009

THE TOOLS- Gotta Make Some Money Somehow b/w TV Eyes

another good one from Collin!


 The Tools! Scottish pub chug-a-lug recalling the most infectious moments of the Stukas! Rambunctious almost to the point of ridiculousness! ... Rendered even more impressive because of it's release date, when national taste was more attuned to Josef K than Johnny & the Self Abusers. No matter because 'TV Eyes' ( the b side ) sounds like a lost A-side by the Radiators From Space! To carry the Radiators' compare even further, I think it's a song about a girl with a TV tube heart. 'Gotta Make Some Money Somehow' has it's share of charms, it true - particularly in the frentic 'Friday On My Mind Department' riff department - but 'TV Eyes' obnoxious skin-banging and guitar solo run wild 'n' away with the top honors. A classic and cheap cheap cheap! Find this one for a fiver and make Aberdeen's Oily records bloom with pride! EXCLAMATION POINTS!

01 August 2009

THE MONTYCOATS You're Mistaken b/w Where Are You Tonight?


 The lone 45 from this Dutch four piece was released in 1981 on the Egmond label run by Ros van den Brink and Jos van Woudenberg of the band Dorpsstraat De Munck. Despite the several phony band names listed on the back sleeve, the Montycoats and Rotjoch were the only two bands to record for the Egmond subsidiary. Vincent Verbeek and Ron van den Brink from De Cylinders reinforced the A side on rhythm guitar and Ronald 'Waldo' Welgemoed from Rotjoch sand backups on the track.Band members were:
Simon Dekker- Bass
Martin De Buger- Drums
Jan Betlem- Vocals, Guitar
Guus Houtzager- Lead Guitar
Also, the sleeve design is credited to "A.Toom", the moniker of Rene Demet of De cylinders and their roadie Steven van Couwelaar.