29 September 2010

MYSFITZ She's a Teaser b/w Aggravation

(Edge, 1981)



Thanks to Collin for this one!!
More mystery group action, this time from a brotherly bunch of Mysfitz roaring straight of Hollywood...Florida! Accurately, if unkindly, described by Collectorscum's always reliable 'BD' as 'sounding like some unholy marriage of 70s powerpop and 60s hippie rock.' Now I can't speak for 'BD''s upbringing, but it would take a truly fundamentalist set of ears to detect any thing in any way off-putting or alarming within 'Aggravation.' Back masking perhaps or maybe one too many Chick Tracts? 'She's A Teaser''s pretty good as well, if strictly extra-canonical when compared to the flip. Similar lyrical content which is strictly anti-family values. Lone single, no sleeve, no relation to Danzig.

this blog post wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of the video for the title track..WOAH!

02 September 2010


Casablanca/PYE 1979


Johhny Coolrock's one and only song was released in 1979 sandwiched into a UK issue LP soundtrack for the movie Roller Boogie.
From what I can tell the rest of the soundtrack is pretty awful ( the other side of the 45 is a really bad disco song by the group Cheeks and Cher is involved in at least one of the other tracks.) Thankfully this standout song was also released on 45...and as summer is winding down, I ask myself... where was Johnnie Coolrock two months ago? This is the perfect summertime song and I just found out about it! It's Way better than anything from the Pinball Summer soundtrack and if Mr. Coolrock would have been allowed to write the entire LP who knows what would have happened..