11 August 2009

EAST COAST ANGELS Punk Rockin' b/w To-nite's the Nite


Released in 1977 The East Coast Angels one and only single, pressed in a quantity of 500 copies on the Ruby label was sold mostly at shows and sent out as promos. The bands most notable achievement was placing as finalists in the Limerick Civic Week Pop '78 competition which was ultimately won by U2.
Band members were:
Jimmy Gaynor- Guitar and Vocals
Ben Hannigan- Guitar
Dave Flanagan- Bass
Henry Winter- Drums.
The East Coast Angels were the first of several bands for Jimmy Gaynor. Gaynor and Ben Hannigan later went on to form the Romantiks, a pub rock cover band that released one single in 1978 on the G.I. label. Gaynor also played in the shy with Dave Flanagan in the early 80's and later fronted his own 'Jimmy Gaynor Band'.


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