04 September 2009

THE GO - Don't Take Her Away 7" EP

1980. Titlewave Productions, TW-1001.

A1. Don't Take Her Away

A2. She Gives A Color To Me

B1. Instant Reaction

B2. Tomorrow Night

Yonkers, NY's The Go self-released this single in 1980. It was recorded by Ramones/Blondie engineer Rob Freeman at Penny Lane Studios, NYC. "Don't Take Her Away" and "Instant Reaction" are both a notch above the other two tracks.

The Go were Kenny Dutch : Guitars/Vocal, Tom Conte : Guitars/Vocal, George Peters : Bass/Vocals, Joe Brya : Drums/Percussion.


  1. One of my favorite records, you have great taste.If you dont mind me asking, what kind of cartridge are you using on you turntable?your records sound great. Thanks again

  2. i'm using a now-out-of-production stanton cartridge (500-II) with a cheap stylus i picked up in chinatown. unfortunately the stanton brand stylus that fits my catridge is now twice as expensive now that its out of production.

    i'm ripping it using a Sony RCD-W500C compact disc recorder. and then applying a noise removal filter in Audacity to take out any excess surface noise.