18 November 2009

REVOLVER One & One is Two + Northern Songs

1. One & One Is Two

2. Nobody I Know

1979 Rox Recording Company.

B1. Goodbye

B2. Tip Of My Tongue

1979 Rox Recording Company.

The 'One & One Is Two' single has been a top want of my girlfriend for a couple years.  It's been on sale over on the LDK site for quite a while but we both agreed it was a bit out of our price range.  Saved eBay searches and constant internet browsing never materialized another copy so I after a year of waiting I broke down an bought it for her birthday.

Here's what LDK had to say:
Revolver were actually a band called Black Maria, popular on the Merseyside circuit and with one of future Liverpool 'new-psych'-ers The Cherry Boys in the ranks, who were rechristened Revolver for this Lennon/McCartney-covers project in 1979. There's a whole LP of this stuff, snappily called "Northern Songs" - this one's probably pretty representative of Revolver's ouevre.

Take a listen to 'One & One Is Two' and you'll understand when I say that I was a little reluctant to give this gift, but as luck would have it, not one week later, my friend Atsushi gave me the 'Northern Songs' LP as a gift!!  Not only does include both songs from the single but 15 more Lennon/McCartney penned tunes that they never actually recorded themselves, plus great liner notes and a cool 2-panel insert.  Definitely worth tracking down.


  1. Why girlfriends allways like this music?? Mine too!! from the Beatles to the Spongetones, Utopia, etc.
    Really nice post. Regards!