07 August 2010

THE GOOSES Just a Tailor b/w Is It New?

Thanks to Collin for this review, such a great single!!

(no label, 1977)



Ken Barnes and Greg Shaw once joked about Cleveland becoming the next Liverpool in an old BOMP! feature; apparently the Gooses thought they were for real. Issued in 1977 minus a sleeve and without so much as a label name, the Gooses’ lone vinyl offering keeps with Cleveland’s 70s reputation as a safe harbor for trends past their sell-by date. The style in question here: scrappy, post-glitter Kinks pop. Both sides of the Gooses’ single bop along pleasingly, not unlike a less-dedicated Leopards, still obviously flying the flag for Davies-dom, yet not aping every vocal or instrumental nuance. What became of them after this 45 is anyone’s guess. Maybe they emigrated to Australia or maybe they all joined the Michael Stanley Band. Or maybe they just flew south for the winter. Gooses - who are you?


  1. man, I just watched a copy of this go for £10 -


    I was gonna bid on it but spent to much on the fingers 45 - if this had been posted a couple of hours earlier !!!!! oh well a penny saved & all that cr.p

  2. yeah.. I missed it too!
    Do you own the other fingers 45? wanna hear it.

  3. Sure, I'll post it sometime this week for you!

  4. Argh!! Now yanked from Brain Lapse #2. "Just a Tailor" reminds me of a late bubblegum cut. I've listened to it a million times and love it to death!!!! And those lyrics are incredible!!

  5. got this single as a wedding present a couple weeks ago. thanks atsushi!