13 January 2011


Jupiter records- 1981

This record was first brought to my attention by some guy at Low Down Kids a while back and I really can't thank him enough! The Groovies LP is what you wished all those Teens records would sound like.. and honestly if I had to choose who was the biggest PUNK out of these four kids I would have to choose all four of them. They did two other singles before disappearing completely but from what I can tell the same songs and recordings were used for the LP.



I posted some tracks above but the whole LP with the jacket is available here
Unfortunately, I still don't have the "super poster"

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  1. Hey Jeremy! Glad more people are finding out about this record. It took me forever to find a copy and I was lucky enough to snag one with the super poster. It is SUPER DREAMY! Can't wait for the Moondogs record.