20 March 2011

HIROSHI MIKI Mada Utaerukai Love Song b/w Chance

Japan Record 1980

I found this 45 in a club in Kyoto several years ago. The back room of the venue held the stock of an old radio station and in a narrow hallway there were literally thousands of 45's priced at 100 yen each. I spent all night digging through records with friends and end the end came out with about 20 really great singles. I bought this just for the sleeve but later found out that the band Zig Zag also released an LP in 1981 called Madd Power that I'll post in the next few days. .

have been getting some emails about this record.. apparently this single was a solo 45 from the singer of Zig Zag Hiroshi Miki. Both songs were used for the soundtrack to a movie.


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  1. Fantastic!!
    Thanks for post!
    I would like to listen side 1,too!!!

    I can tell you song titles of this single and Madd Power LP.

  2. Looks like the song you posted is called "Chance." I've never heard of Zig Zag before. Good stuff!

    I'd translate the other one as something like "Can You Still Sing a Love Song?"

  3. you can email me at info@singsingrecords.com if you want the other song. You wont like it though, sounds like a totally different group.