08 June 2011

THE BOYS - (Baby) it's You Video

This is a brand new stop-motion animated film directed by David Cowles, Jeremy Galante, and Danny Shonerd (of The Boys). Music performed by The Boys. Puppet costumes by Victoria Rose Zalewski. Additional animation by Michael Genz and Rob Sassi. Filmed at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

David Cowles: http://www.davidcowles.net
Jeremy Galante: http://www.jeremygalante.com
Danny Shonerd: http://www.myspace.com/dannyshonerdtheboysusa
Victoria Rose Zalewski: http://victoriarosepuppets.blogspot.com
(Baby) It's You! blog: http://baby-itsyou.blogspot.com
© Copyright 2011 by David Cowles, Jeremy Galante, and Brad Pattullo

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