26 September 2011


sensation records - 1976

So many great records came out of Milwaukee in the 70's and this is really one of the best.
There isn't much information online on this LP and my short conversation with Donald Fisher didn't reveal too many additional details...Apparently the LP was recorded over a period of a few months in 1976 by Donald at his home and pressed in an edition of 1,000 copies. That's all I've got on this one!! If anyone has more information on this record please let me know!




get the LP here


  1. One non-LP single backing a local R&B female. One track is an LP backing with new lyrics and vocals. Great record.

  2. Here's the result of a little interview i've made with Donald Fisher (half of the band)in 2010, maybe it will help you :

    "I was born in Milwaukee ,Wisconsin in 1955. As a child (with my one and only older brother) i remember some music at home, like the Sinatra and Kingston Trio and.... Elvis!!
    But my first and primary influences were the Beatles (specially Paul McCartney, that's probably why i'm still a songwriter).
    While at college i met Jeff Engel in a music store. We choose together the name Sensation (my only band ever, since then i've only played solo). Our little different musical tastes didn't stop us playing in Sensation for two years (in Wisconsin and some places in Illinois) and recorded the Lp. We did tape some live performances!! I played lead, rythm and bass guitars in the band (but i also know how to play piano and drums).
    We never did contact any record company (neither they contact us) for Sensation (but i had contact as a songwriter, and some of my songs were taken by the 20th Century Fox!)

    I remember that while recording album, we were in a basement, wrote songs while rehearsing with jeff. I basicially produced and arranged the songs. L & R studios was ran by two people, but is no longer in business.
    I almost created the Eagle logo (eagle choose for his majestic side) helped by a friend's father. We finally pressed like 1000Lps, sold at our gigs.
    We stopped playing together in 1979 (when i got married), but to this day i still play music (i even recorded some of it). Unfortunatly i lost contact with Jeff Engel."

  3. I hope that your label reissues this record some day...one of the best things I have heard in a long time.