02 February 2014

THE UPTIGHTS, 'I'm Awake' b/w 'Promises (She Isn't In Love)' (Up, 1981)

THE UPTIGHTS, 'I'm Awake' b/w 'Promises (She Isn't In Love)' (Up, 1981)

I have no idea what lead singer CAROLYN ODELL is saying in the A-side's chorus.  Is it an entreatment to take the 'freeway?'  A seductive invitation to have a 'threeway?'  An exultation that she supports the Tulane University Green Wave?  In any event, it's OK, because the true action on the lone platter from these New Orleans power poppers is on the record's b-side.

'Promises, Promises' is not the familiar stupid show-tune.  In fact, it's moody, mod, femme-vox power pop in the mode of BONNIE HAYES, JOSIE COTTEN and/or - even at a stretch - THE SHIVVERS.

Back sleeve is total local - the band thanks a bunch of uptown radio stations and their guitar player, who also doubles as their photographer and de facto graphic designer.

A much better single than I'm probably making out and still available cheap.

...now if only they'd enunciate.  



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