18 May 2014

THE WINDOWS, 'Don't Hang Up' b/w 'My Dear' (no label, 1982)

THE WINDOWS, 'Don't Hang Up' b/w 'My Dear' (no label, 1982)

In yet another case of ignore the A-side!

Ignore the A-side and - in addition - any name association one might make with said group and the tepid dollar-bin-clogging LP ('Runnin' Alone') they would later issue in 1987.

Ignore it all!

Just not the B-side.

THE WINDOWS were a carpetbagging powerpop group with membership collected from across the lower midwest and upper south.  Led by Chicago-native Larry Brewer, the group were based in that great bastion of scallywag Yankee-dom - Western Tennessee - and played throughout the South; being particularly popular in the capital of my home state of Mississippi.

Five years before they poodle-permed-up their hair, however, THE WINDOWS issued what they probably figured was just their initial public entree into the world of commercial rock/AOR pop-air-wave-rotation-pandering.

And it was!  And it is!

However, 'My Dear' also just happens to inadvertently sparkle with that rare early CHRIS STAMEY & THE db's and TOMMY KEENE guitar slash brilliance, sweetened with ROY WOOD vocal homages, that is so rare/fleeting within 80s powerpop.  ...which is all the more reason that it should be celebrated.

Never issued with sleeve and hardly distributed - THE WINDOWS 45 debut offers up a perfect 'What-If' speculative scenario.  Had THE WINDOWS had proper distribution, an entire generation might have been spared R.E.M.

In any event, enjoy THE WINDOWS.



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