08 July 2009

The MODERN MINDS - Theresa's World

Theresa's World
Bungalow Rock
It's Gone

 From Alberta Canada, the Modern Minds consisted of 
Moe Berg- Vocals, Guitar
Bobby Drysdale- Bass 
Kim Upright- drums
This record, released in 1980 on the bands managers Bumstead label was the first of several groups for Singer Moe Berg. He most famously ended up in the Pursuit of Happiness while the bass player Bobby Drysdale went on to play in the Rock n Roll Bitches. The single comes housed in a great oversized picture sleeve, the Pointed Sticks and the Rock n Roll Bitches are both thanked on the back. Record Shop Base put out an amazing CD a few years ago compiling the single tracks and tons of really great unreleased material. Get it Here.


  1. "Bungalow Rock" left me kinda flat, but "Theresa's World" and "It's Gone" are total winners. Thanks for sharing.

  2. for sure. Like I said, that record shop base CD has some real killer stuff on it.