25 July 2009

D-DAY - Too Young To Date

Moment Productions, 1979.

1. Too Young to Date

2. Every Time I Ask You Out

D-day is very good female fronted Powerpop (think De Cylinders, Shivvers). "Too Young To Date" was a hit and can be found on the 80's compilation CD "New Wave Hits of the 80's Vol 1" and it even reached #1 on KROQ in Los Angeles. There was some controversy over the "pop my cherry" lyrics as some irate mothers complained to the FCC and the record was banned in California. After a DJ was suspended for playing the record, the 3rd verse was re-recorded to replace "pop my cherry". The altered version was played on the radio but not released to the public.

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  1. HAHA! I was just listening to Bubble Puppy and found out TWO of them were responsible for this shit! 'Hot Smoke & Sassafrass' to 'Too Young To Date!' Wow.