14 October 2009

Rebel- Baby Baby Baby bw No Use Crying

BABY BABY BABY (don't listen to that guy)


Third single from the Dutch band Rotjoch (who changed their name to Rebel).The single was released in 1982 on the VIP label and was re-issued the following year as Rebel (featuring Waldo) housed in a totally different picture sleeve. Neither song strays far stylistically from the 1981 " Bad Boy " LP though the production is slightly more upscale . The band continued to play as Rebel until 1985 and recorded demos for a second LP which never materialized.
members were:
Ronald Welgemoed- vocals, guitar
Pim Bilderbeek- lead guitar, vocals
Michiel Ten Veen- Bass
Rene Van Den Velden- Drums

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  1. There was another musician playing on this record, Otto Janszen on guitar.