28 December 2009



It recently occurred to me that the B side of this 45 hasn't been posted anywhere yet ( I don't think..) One of my all time favorite UK powerpop singles.

The Jets released their lone record in November of 1979, further proving that Decca records could pick great punk/powerpop singles for their label while at the same time through terrible distribution and promotion allow those records to disappear into thin air. This 45 is pretty scarce and demo/promo copies seem to turn up more frequently than stock copies leading me to believe that very few of these singles actually hit the stores.Both Faulkes and Craig were also in the band Stagefright in the mid 1970's.
Band members were:
John A. Faulkes - (guitar/vocals)
Michael Rigg- ( bass/vocals)
Ian Craig- ( drums/ vocals)

Collin McCourt and Don Gould share the production credits.

P.S. --- Recently we've been getting some emails from bands who have seen their records posted on this blog. If you were in this group or have any knowledge of the members current whereabouts please drop us a line at info@singsingrecords.com. We would love to hear from you!


  1. Both sides of this 7" are total classics. I love the way "Impossible" slowly builds up to the chorus. How was it you once described the song? ...'it sounds like a B-side'. That might be the biggest understatement I've ever heard!

  2. I stand by that statement! it grew on me though.
    it's just a different sort of song structure.
    Both sides are great.