07 January 2010

MARBLES Forgive & Forget b/w Computer Cards

1977. Jimboco Records.

A. Forgive and Forget

B. Computer Cards

Excerpt from interview in Brain Lapse (buy it!) with Howard and Dave Bowler of Marbles:

Howard: ...I think we really wanted to gain a wider audience and make the music more sophisticated. I think that that's what 'Forgive and Forget' was. It was recorded in a much more expensive setting, although we didn't pay for it. I don't know how it got financed. It got picked up by Vince Scelsa and played on the radio. We didn't know it was one the radio but we got telephone calls from people saying 'Hey, it's on the radio.' And that was it.

Dave: That was about a year or two after 'Red Lights.' The sound of the band was changing, too. Jim's influence was getting a little stronger at that point, too.

Steve (Brain Lapse): How did you guys get involved with Jimboco Records?

Dave: I don't know. What was Jim's last name?

Howard: I don't know, but I think he was a fan.

Dave: He was a fan with money.

Howard: Yeah, and he wanted to start a label. We were looking for any financing we could get to do recordings.

Steve: Why do you think Vince Scelsa chose 'Forgive and Forget' over 'Computer Cards'?

Dave: I think the song appealed to him and he started playing it. Somehow he was tuned into the New York scene. I don't think I even ever heard it play on WNEW. That was a big radio station in New York City. We were pretty thrilled about it but we were pretty naive. We didnt try to do anything with it. We didn't try to contact him. We didn't mention it to anybody. We were just continuing to play figuring, Well, life will just figure itself out.

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