08 January 2010


King Records K28A- 173

This is hands down the best Japanese Punk record I've ever heard... THE BEST..
Zun Zun is the Skins 2nd LP, the first record Skinless came out a year earlier and had a decidedly new wave sound while this LP is totally PUNK! There is definitely some studio magic on a few of the tracks but on the whole it's a stripped down, no nonsense LP that has remained both mysterious to Japanese dudes and completely unknown to us goobers here in the states.
Both Skin LP's were accompanied by a single. Manzoku Dekinai ( I Can't Get No Satisfaction) b/w Modern Times was released in 1980 in conjunction with the release of Skinless, and in 1981 the single Virgin Complex b/w Inochi Shirazu ( You Should Run Again) was released alongside Zun Zun. None of the tracks on the singles are exclusive and can be found on the LP's.
Skin members were:
TATSU- guitar, backing vocals
WAKU- vocals
JUNICHI- bass, backing vocals
DOMINO- drums

LP tracks are
A side
1. Just Go
2. Ballade Ballade
3. Fashion Boy
4. You Drive Me
5. Dance Music Dance
6. Kurutte Night (Crazy Night)

B side
1. Virgin Complex

2. Inochi Shirazu (You Should Run Again)
3. Television
4. I Love S.E.X. (Super Excitement)
5. Soshite Daremo Inakunatta (And Then There Were None

I've asked a Japanese friend to translate the liner notes of this LP for me so expect an update soon! Also, I've made the single tracks available above, if you dig them,,get the LP


  1. Great stuff. Wish there was more Japanese stuff like this around. Maybe there is, but I wouldn't know.

  2. Hey. Didn't know there was a blog for Sing Sing. This LP is indeed great!!! Ya snagged one I was going to post. Ha!!!

  3. I'll link yer blog to ours. Looks like its gonna be reaaallllyyy good!!

  4. I downloaded this last week and just got around to listening to it, and WOW.