10 June 2010


Stark Naked Records, SNR 451. 1979.

A. Dark Vs. Light

B. Heathen Girls

I just got back from a trip to my home town of Atlanta, GA and while I was there I dug up this local release from 1979. Atlanta isn't really known for being a punk/powerpop town during the late 70's so I was pretty happy to stumble on this great track. The B-side is the real gem; it's pretty catchy powerpop with a few glam touches and a fun chorus. I haven't been able to find much info on the band except that it seems they changed their name to Heathen Girls after this sole release and then went on to release an EP in a more new wave/post-punk vein in '82.

And...here's some photos of the Heathen Girls hanging out with Bon Scott of ACDC (thanks to B.C. Miller):


  1. I hope you found 2 of these!

  2. OMG, this is the very record that's obsessed me for the last year. I've only heard "H. Girls" off a Homework comp and it hit me in just the right spot. Ms.Whipperr promised a reissue but if it exists I can't find it. Do you have the 12''? I know it has both songs from the single but I dunno if they're remakes or what.

    Shifting into begging mode, since I've done all I could to get a copy of this and failed, could you rip Dark vs. Light for me? (I also need the b-side of True by the Georgian Fans, "Deathwish".) A couple things I could entice you with: keeping it in Georgia I could send all four of the great Basics EP tracks. Or I've got an unreleased Squids album from 1980 Hawaii. And a friend of mine just sent me the Ticks from Idaho and one of the best local newwave comps I've heard in years. Limp's "Connected" LP. (I call it Flex Your Head, plus music. weak laugh . . . )
    Even if you're too busy or something, try to find time to google Heathen Girls + Bon Scott. It shows Rose and her rather stunning friends (not sure if they played instruments) hanging out with Bon a few weeks before he died. He looks depressed, and really short compared to the HGs in their heels. Also thanks for giving Ms.Whipperr a spotlight, she's a funny chick to email and while her recent albums are slick and smooth she still writes some original lyrics. I'm at magmagoblin@gmail.com and always up to rap about music, send me your wantlist! Adios, B.C. Miller

  3. awesome pics! i'm gonna add them to the original post.

    i'll rip and send you dark vs. light. might take a bit but you'll get it.

  4. Thanks Trey. I believe its Rose in the middle of the bed looking purple and possibly Mark Stowe in drag to he right. Bon looks in need of a platform shoe lift himself. Its funny Georgia produced almost no powerpop bands. Very little punk, even, but some cool glam and art-wave. The Fans records (i've heard the third and the A of the second) are an exception but Kevin Dunn's solo stuff is very arty. The Stroke Band album from '78 is brilliant and jangles quite a bit but is more a retro-psych thing. I have a 4-song EP by the Basics that is excellent sort-powerpop with m/f singers. The Restraints were a funny try at straight punk with "shocking" lyrics that could pass for crude powerpop. Those last two are on a scene comp called "Standdeviation" which I have a beat copy of and while its no "Connected" its got some good stuff by the latter two bands and some others. ("Connected" is the best regional powerpop comp I've heard recently, on DC's Limp, that's one I could send you.)

    My theory as to Georgia's "powerpop hole" is that Atlanta's scene was made up of a few glam hipsters who hadn't moved to NYC (like Wayne County). Innocent powerpop didn't appeal the way it did in Kansas, Iowa, or the Carolinas. Dressing up and sounding weird and decadent was how they kept the straights off their back but it also made the scene older and very insular. No fresh-faced teenagers, no powerpop. Athens you'd think would be powerpop heaven and indeed because of REM people assume it was. But the college kids/record store employees were reading anti-powerpop (hate speech!) in their NME's and so either went dubby and angular (Pylon) or retro and campy (B-52s). Irony of ironies, the state with no powerpop became the state with the most famous powerpop band of all, REM.

  5. Oh, I forgot the Brains! (I always do). "Money Changes Everything" is especially powerpop in its original 7" mix with a non-LP flip that's great as well, another one I could send if you've not heard it.

  6. Hey Sing Sing,

    I was wondering if you'd still be able to share the other side of Rose Whipperr, Dark vs. Light. She sent me a copy of the lyrics and they were cool and I'm just dying to hear the song. She said they were eventually going to packet it with their 12'' and unreleased stuff which'll be great if she does. She's had 3 new CDs out and probably isn't that much interested in her old stuff, original as it was. (almost said seminal.)

  7. wow, someone cares - here you go:


  8. I can't believe I have FINALLY FOUND THIS!!!! Thank you!!!