11 July 2013



First of two singles from the great Left Hand Drive, the second, also great single 
 "Who Said Rock N Roll Is Dead" has been uploaded to youtube..Here's a short history of the group by bass player John Brassett.   Left Hand Drive were a group from Northampton UK, originally formed in about 1973.
The first version was a twin lead guitar set up with bass, drums and a singer. The leader was Dave Clemo along with Jack Swann and Gary Tyla on vocals. I can't remember the names of the drummer and bassist.
I joined as bass player in 1974 and soon after Tommy Kerr joined on the drums and Steve Parrish replaced Gary Tyla as singer. All this sounds a bit like Dallas( without the oil, Sue Ellen... or the money).
Anyway, the first version folded in 1976 with Dave Clemo leaving and Martin Harney taking over on vocals. This was the group that released two singles ( Jailbait/ Motorway Crow and Who Said Rock and Roll Is Dead/ I Know Where I Am) on our own Bancrupt Records label.
Left Hand Drive split in 1979 with me and Jack Swann forming The Russians. Jack died a couple of years ago . I'm still going strong!


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