09 August 2013

CLUB WOW, 'Prettiest Girl' b/w 'The Nights Are So Long' (Criswell, 1982)

CLUB WOW, 'Prettiest Girl' b/w 'The Nights Are So Long' (Criswell, 1982)

I'm calling shenanigans.

Not just only on WILLIAM JAMES WILDEN (aka JIMMY ZERO), but also upon anyone who could possibly prefer THE DEAD BOYS to this record.

Look here:  these are facts.  Not opinions:  FACTS; i.e. ideological positions with corroborating evidence to support them.

EXHIBIT A:  THE DEAD BOYS are one of the worst bands to ever be allowed to produce two albums of major label, sub-ALICE COOPER-excretable, sheet-metal, shit metal 'ye-uh!' rock bullshit ever.



If you - the reader of this blog - find anything - ANYTHING - within this band's half-hearted, half-baked, half-dimensional aesthetic compelling, I personally pity you (condescendingly, not compassionately) and hope you have a great time at the SONNY VINCENT gig later tonight.

All that said, ole JZ managed to throw off the dog-collar, dum-dum leather-jacket yoke of his previous stupid band's stupid incarnation just long enough in 1982 to hook up with former starry-eyed BLUE ASH  bass-player FRANK SECICH to produce one of the best obscuro power pop singles of all time!  No foolin'!

Seriously, how could this miss?  A cover of THE NEIGHBORHOODS' best song, a killer power pop original on the B.  Label art designed intentionally to mimic and make fun of BOMP! RECORDS.  Oh yeah, and bragging rights - you read it right - mine is GREG SHAW's copy!

You can't lose (but I'm afraid you also must deal)!

Finally, for all of you master-Bators out there reading this, (possibly) seething:  Stiv and Co recorded a crap reunion re-do of THE NIGHTS ARE SO LONG in 1987 so stick that in your pipe and smoke it before you start quoting BOBBY SOXX lyrics at me!

'This is actually good music/You're a knave!'



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  1. I've never cared much for the Dead Boys either. I can just about put up with 'Sonic Reducer' but I'd much rather listen to this record on repeat for 35 minutes than pollute my ears with 'Young, Loud And Snotty'.