15 September 2013

THE PILLS, 'THE PILLS EP' (VileTone, 1980)

THE PILLS, 'Mini-LP' (VileTone, 1980)

I like PILLS.


And, by that statement, I, of course, mean THE PILLS - STR8 OUTTA Phoenix, Tucson* Arizona.

The Copper State's finest circa 1980 and, even by that time well past their prescription expiration date.

Forget skins, brains and guts, this is HAIR, FLARES and (cigarette) BUTTS.  These five PILLS guys are preening proud and looking menthol soft-pack loud.  Also, they have a skilled trade in melodic/if derivative power-pop sounds.

Listen:  90% of all bands taking their style cues from THE NEW YORK DOLLS suck.  And while I don't have PILLS particularly pegged as heroin addict transvestites, the unfortunate scronching BO DIDDLEY cover and their name immediately give it away.

That said, they're still at least a million times better than THE MEAT PUPPETS.

Seriously, if you can listen to 'In A Car' after ingesting this dose, you have massive problems that modern medicine may not be able to fix.

Enjoy then the lone EP Mini-LP by THE PILLS on your ride to the emergency room!

Or choke on a bottle cap!

It's up to you!

correct origin of the PILLS confirmed with their biggest fan, Tony "AA"



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