05 December 2010

Nightrider - Digital Techniques EP

Wessex Records, WEX272. 1979.

A. Gruesome Girls

B1. Stay Clean

B2. Happy Day

" Nightrider, were a Punk/Powerpop combo from Bagnor/Littlehampton, describing themselves as "a digital rock band" (can any body explain what the hell they meant?). The combo began operating early in 1978 with a line-up comprising Kim Robey (gtr), Kev Robey (d), Graham Rowley (gtr), Paul Secombe (v) and Alan Webb (b). Their one and only vinyl venture, an EP produced by Roger Kennedy and entitled DIGITAL TECHNIQUES, emerged on the Wessex label in December 1979, in an edition of 500 copies. Although the (extremely limited) picture sleeve features band members looking pretty awful - two exhibit dreadful hippie moustaches - their music offers three tracks of superior quality, keeping their roots firmly in '77 Punk Rock but with a peculiar melodic talent. A recommended platter. Copies of the EP also exist bearing a large sticker that reads "All That's Fiction", the (unlikely) name adopted by the group in late 1980."
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  1. .....the band went on to become "A kind of fury" in 1987 with original members Alan, Kev and Paul joined by guitarist Malcolm 'Max' McDonald. They finally split up in 1991 when singer / songwriter Paul Seccombe emigrated to New Zealand. The other 3 went on to form 'High Risk'. Paul is writing an 'indie/country' album under the name 'Dawson Falls'. Based in Wellington NZ, the album is due for release Easter 2012.