05 December 2010

DEAF AIDS - Heroes? b/w Bored Christine

Conspiracy Records, CONS 1. 1980.

A. Heroes

B. Bored Christine

Here's Deaf Aids 2nd single from 1980. Their first single - the one we reissued - is superior to this effort but there's still some nice moments to be heard. The title track is slightly new-wavey but still has some great Gamwells lyrics ("You wanna be a Jagger? You gotta learn to suck!"). The B-side is more powerpop-rock and will please fans of the first single.


  1. I had already heard this 'cos it was posted on Deadbeats & No-ones over two years ago. But this seems to have a different ps (or maybe was the 12'' I dunno). Anyway, I like 'Bored Christine' more even than their previous single, which I don't consider as good as always described, especially when exaggerated amounts were paid by the original 7''

    This is just my opinion. Thanks anyway.

  2. I had this years ago but without ps...great listen to it again,thanks.