09 December 2010

THE MINORS Waves Have Hit b/w Stupid Love Song

Collin You've done it again!

Waves Have Hit

Stupid Love Song

Miller Records, 45, 1981

There is something so objectively wrong (head) yet so aesthetically and irresistibly right (loins) about songs which forecast impending paradigm realignments that, for whatever reasons, never come to pass. Glitter, disco, punk rock and bubblegum all have their anthems that said they’d never die. Now the NEW WAVE finally has one that really spells it out too (not literally, but lyrically). Like Cortland, New York’s Wreck ‘N’ Crew or Hollywood, California’s Rodney Bingenheimer, Green Bay, Wisconsin’s The Minors obviously wanted some more more more of that NEW WAVE music. While I am uncertain if the Minors were riding on the crest of a wave, old or otherwise (Lake Michigan water temperatures would suggest not), one thing I am sure of is that a few of these guys also played with the great and doomed and now DEAD, Bret Starr, in The Tyrants the same year as this, their lone single. The police-siren guitar-sound on the A-side may lead some to conclude that the Minors were punks, but don’t go getting ideas. The Minors are straight Killed By Wave 4 LIFE, homey. Just check that chorus:

The waves have hit

No, we’re not dumb

What’s noise to others

Is music to some

‘Music to some;‘ great tunes and humble too! And who, I ask, among you can argue with that (Rev. Norb does not count)?


  1. A friend of mine sold me some of his singles a while back and he had this one in his box. I had never heard it and knew nothing about the record, but after a needle drop I knew I had to have it! Unfortunately he wouldn't sell it to me cuz he thought it was worth a fortune and we couldn't find a value for it on the interweb at the time :(

  2. I feel it's an undervalued record given the strength of both sides and its attendant associations. However, apparently copies have been around from the band forever. I paid less than $30 for mine.

  3. I had offered my friend $20 for it without knowing pressing details or "going rate" and he declined. I saw a copy on ebay go for around $30 a few months later but there were no listings on Frenzy/Popsike prior so he was afraid of being "ripped off." I still need it.

  4. Fun to see people commenting on our record... What a hoot...!

    Dan Dillon
    The Minors