11 December 2010

Acme - "Johnny Can't Play" "Bad News"

Acme were a 4 piece punk band from East Belfast consisting of Stuart Bailie, Ian Hanna, Alan Giddings and Barry Young. (Barry is the little brother of Rudi's Brian Young). The band existed from '78-82 and unfortunately never committed anything to vinyl so these demo tracks are a nice treat. "Johnny Can't Play" and "Bad News" are Clash-influenced punk songs that were mining similar sounds as other Belfast punks Protex. Two other tracks exist titled "Beer Hall" and "Jealousy" and they're just as good!

Johnny Can't Play

Bad News

Staurt Bailie is still involved with music and has a radio show on BBC focused on Ulter music (http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/stuartbailie). He also runs a music center called Oh Yea Belfast (www.ohyeahbelfast.com) Check it out.


  1. Great Post - Thanks for these
    (you forgot to mention "Colin Callaghan" who was the guitarist before "Barry young" {ex "the idiots"}
    + according to "It makes you want to spit" this demo was recorded in 1982

  2. Are u going to release a single with the demo?
    Worths it!!!